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My hands on experience in Vancouver opened my eyes to a few ideas that I wanted to pass along this year, so I added a few important new Tips to the Shipping Info page of our website that will make a big difference in making your shipment run smoothly and within budget:


  • Build your crate so that a fork lift can lift it from all 4 sides, not just 2 so you can unload easier in every situation.
  • A dolly or casters. You will need wheels under your crate to move from Truck to Convention Tech Ex Floor. Don’t depend on borrowing someone else’s dolly and the driver needs to keep theirs for unloading other jobs they have following ours.
  • Put things you don’t want to travel with like helmets, boots, winter race wear inside the crate. Nothing must be loose, so tie it down
  • Carry tools with you to use to open and close crate after the Tech-Ex and the Race… any other tools can be fastened down inside the crate in a tool box.
  • Spray paint your university name on the outside of all 4 sides
  • Put sticker, or sticky label directly onto your sled itself, just in case you have a crate problem.
  • Staple/Tape the Bill of Lading (BOL) that we send you to all 4 sides inside plastic 8x11 sheets


  • Historically the team Captains pay by personal VISA the date of pickup.
  • When you budget for your freight, remember to include tax. Tax is based on the province’s tax where the freight delivers. For example, Alberta U’s shipping to London are charged 13% HST on their shipping to London, but the same crate delivering in Alberta is only charged 5% GST on the returning freight. I included a guide below.

List of Provinces and Territories and Taxes as of July 1st, 2010

ON Ontario HST 13%
QC Quebec GST 5% + QST 7.5% cumulative
AB Alberta GST 5%
BC British Columbia HST 12%
MB Manitoba GST 5%
NB New Brunswick HST 13%
NL Newfoundland HST 13%
NS Nova Scotia HST 15%
SK Saskatchewan GST 5%
PE Prince Edward Island GST 5%
NT North West Terr. GST 5%
YT Yukon GST 5%
NU Nunavut GST 5%

Teams are encouraged to reference the crate construction schematic illustration below. It is just meant as a guideline, not a requirement or regulation.

Each person in charge of shipping can contact me anytime. I’ll walk each team through any questions they may have. Reach me at:

Tim Quinlan
Logistics Decisions Inc.

P: 905-331-8900 F: 905-854-5426 TF:1-877-239-9669 tquinlan@logisticdecisions.ca

Toboggan Shipping Address:

GNCTR 2014’s warehouse location is at Churchill Logistics, 3334 White Oaks Road London Ontario. See the map on the bottom of this page.

Map: Boiler Mountain

Map: London Warehouse to Hilton


The recommended toboggan crate size is 8'x4'x6’H (96"x48"x72"H) measured to the outside of the crate and a weight of 1000 lbs, including the weight of the crate itself. This makes crates significantly easier to handle, load into and out of trucks and to store once they arrive in London Ontario. These dimensions are not cast in stone. Teams can ship any crate dimensions whatsoever. Crates that are larger simply cost more to ship. Oversize crates simply cost more to ship and to warehouse.

Notes from the GNCTR 2014 Recommended Shipper, Tim Quinlan of Logistics Decisions:

For those universities that use Logistics Decisions to ship their toboggan crate to London, we will use the following strategy to minimize your team’s shipping costs and ensure comfortable, reliable delivery dates into the GNCTR warehouse, to the Tech Ex, the Race Hill and back to your home universities:

What Logistics Decisions Offers GNCTR Teams:

  • Personal email and phone communication to each University’s shipping dock staff and team captains.
  • Provide all inclusive (except tax) shipping rates from your University dock to and from the GNCTR’s chosen warehouse based on your team’s crate size and weight.
  • Walk the team captains through packaging methods, and how to construct their crates, and what tools you’ll need to open and reuse your crates at the events and for the trip back home.
  • We contact your University shippers so that we are aware of the details of each shipping dock at your pick-up location,
  • Phone important shipper contacts on each university dock,
  • Arrange a deadline pick-up date to ensure timely arrival of their sleds, budgeting extra time for possible delays,
  • Send the shipper a proper bill of lading, with a CC to the team captain,
  • Pick-up and deliver their freight to the GNCTR Committee’s chosen warehouse a few days prior to the event,
  • Tracing of each toboggan on a daily basis to avoid and correct any potential delays,
  • We fix any problems along the way, and report to captains any possible delays (such as floods, avalanches, rail derailments, etc.)
  • Pre-alerting the warehouse as to the ETA’s of each unit, with an email confirmation of delivery,
  • Make pick up and delivery appointments at each university so that the teams and shipping departments are aware of when the sleds are picking up and delivering.

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